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MyMathTest is easy to use for instructors and students. Find out how you can get started using it in your classes.

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Get a feel for what it�s like to use MyMathTest to assess your students' skills. View the MyMathTest Overview tour for an introduction to MyMathTest and the powerful features it offers you.

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Download printable guides in PDF format to help you and your students get started. (Requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader®.)

Getting started guide for instructors

Getting started guide for students

New Features for June 2009

Watch a tour that demonstrates the new MyMathTest features for June 2009! Learn how your students can enroll more easily using Program IDs, find out how to customize your students' Study Plans, and more.

How to Enter Answers in MyMathTest

Learn how to enter answers in MyMathTest using the MathXL Player.


We offer several ways for you to learn about MyMathTest and how to incorporate it into your learning environment -- from online WebEx seminars to personalized on-campus workshops. Contact your Pearson Sales Representative to find out more

Additional Help

More information on using MyMathTest can be found in the Support section, and online help is always available from the help icon on MyMathTest pages.