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Answers to the most common questions are given below. If have additional questions, our Math Media Educator Support Team is ready to help.

MyMathTest Browser Check

To do online tests in MyMathTest, students must use a supported web browser on either a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system. In addition, users must install the latest version of Adobe® Flash® in order to use the MathXL® Player—a specialized tool that displays algorithmic math exercises and allows students to enter math notation in their answers.

Instructors and students use the MyMathTest Browser Check to install Flash® (and any other Internet plug-ins, such as QuickTime®, needed to display multimedia course content).

Lab Administrator Guide

For information on installing plug-ins across all the computers in a lab, please contact Product Support to receive a copy of the MathXL Administrator Guide. This guide, written specifically for lab and IT administrators, covers the following topics:

  • Background information on MathXL
  • System requirements
  • Installing plug-ins in computer labs
  • Testing your installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Licensing

MyMathTest security

Pearson Education knows that the security and stability of its online learning environment are vital to you and your students. We take great care to protect the security of users' personal information and of the data on our servers.

Personal information: To protecting sensitive or personal data, users register for MyMathTest via a central Subscription Management System (SMS). SMS transactions are secured using 128-bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transport. The SMS system records users' account information, user name, and password to ensure that only authorized users can access Pearson online products. A user with an authorized SMS account must supply a user name and password to access online resources.

The administrative portions of SMS are under direct Pearson Education control. Network communication between MathXL/MyMathLab and SMS occurs within a single secured hosting facility over protected networks.

Application data: The servers that host MyMathTest conform to the highest commercial standards for server availability. A 24/7 operations group is alerted automatically in the event of service degradation or interruption. The server system is designed for high availability with redundant critical components and is monitored at the application and server level.

The physical servers are secured in a 24/7 guarded facility and are behind a locked cage under closed-circuit surveillance. These servers are protected by commercial firewall products. The network topology of the hosting environment is opaque to the public internet to prevent targeted attacks.

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