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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyMathTest?

MyMathTest helps you assess students' mastery so you can make sure that they enroll in the math class best suited to their skill level. In addition, students can use MyMathTest for remediation work, either on their own or as part of a refresher module that you supervise.

MyMathTest programs are based on testbanks that assess students´┐Ż skills at the developmental math level or the precalculus level. The values in questions are algorithmic (that is, they change each time a student accesses the question). The testbanks include both free-response questions and multiple choice-questions. MyMathTest is built on MathXL technology and questions are delivered through the MathXL player.

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What does MyMathTest offer my students?

With MyMathTest, your students can:

  • Do unlimited online tutorial exercises correlated to the content in tests.
  • Work in a personalized online Study Plan that identifies the concepts that they need to practice and guides their practice work.
  • Complete tests online and receive immediate feedback.

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What does MyMathTest offer me as an instructor?

You can use MyMathTest to:

  • Create and assign online tests that are automatically graded, with results sent directly to your Gradebook.
  • Customize your tests according to your students' needs.
  • Choose what objectives are available for tests and for students to practice.
  • Manage your students' results, generate itemized reports, and view student work in a powerful online Gradebook.
  • If you are using MyMathTest for placement, quickly and easily place each student in the appropriate course and email the placement to the student.

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How do I assess my student's performance on a test?

See your student's performance on individual objectives by using the Gradebook Item Analysis tools or by reviewing the Study Plan recommendations. You can also review students' tests.

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How will using MyMathTest save me time?

MyMathTest automatically grades online tests and tracks all student results, so you can get an immediate report on student mastery. By using MyMathTest to monitor your students' results, you can quickly assess how individual students -- or all students -- are performing on specific topics.

If you are using MyMathTest for placement, you can assign a student to a course and email the placement to the student in one easy step.

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Can I create my own questions to assign in MyMathTest?

Yes, you can use the MathXL Exercise Builder to create your own custom questions, with either static or algorithmic values, and you can include these exercises on tests.

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When does my access to MyMathTest expire?

If you are a MathXL or MyMathLab instructor, you already have access to MyMathTest with your MathXL/MyMathLab login account. If you are a new user, you will need a MathXL or MyMathLab access code to enter MyMathTest. The MathXL/MyMathLab access period of 3 years also applies to MyMathTest.

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What is a MyMathTest program?

A MyMathTest program is based on a testbank that you can select and customize. Within a program you can create one or more tests. Your program can contain only one test if you are using MyMathTest to help place students in the correct class. If you want to use MyMathTest for remediation in a refresher module, you could create several tests to use during remediation.

Each program has its own Gradebook. If you are using MyMathTest to place a large number of students, you may want to create several copies of a program to reduce the size of your Gradebook.

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How long will students have access to MyMathTest?

Student subscriptions to MyMathTest last for 16 weeks. Students who want to do more practice can subscribe again.

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Do I have to do anything for my students to access MyMathTest?

No. Students can register for MyMathTest, log in, choose their school, and select the MyMathTest testbank to get started on their own. They can take sample tests and tutorials to do self-paced study. If you decide to create online tests in MyMathTest, your students can sign up for your program and their work will be tracked in your online Gradebook.

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What if my students do not have high-speed Internet access at home?

MyMathTest practice questions offer multimedia tutorial help (videos, animations, and other helpful learning aids).

Students without high-speed Internet access can access the multimedia content for questions from the school computer lab or library, and then work through the practice questions at home.

If your students will be using MyMathTest in your campus labs, make sure the lab computers have been set up with the appropriate plug-ins and players.

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What if I don't want to cover all the content in the MyMathTest testbank?

You can easily hide or remove content and other resources you don't plan to use from your MyMathTest program using the Program Manager. And you can restore this material if your program changes.

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Can I hide content from my students without deleting it from the program?

You can make content invisible to your students by editing the program settings in the Program Manager and then changing program coverage.

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Can I administer a proctored test in MyMathTest over the web?

Yes. You can use MyMathTest's Test Manager to set a variety of options for online tests, including password protection, time limits, and expiration dates.

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Can I create my own tests for students to take in MyMathTest?

Yes. Each MyMathTest program contains sample chapter tests that you can modify, or you can create your own tests using the online testbank. You can also upload TestGen tests into your MyMathTest program.

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Why do I need to install both the TestGen plug-in and the TestGen software?

The TestGen plug-in allows you and your students to view and take TestGen tests; the software lets you create and author them. Students only need to install the plug-in, as they are not creating or authoring TestGen tests.

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Can I export results from the MyMathTest Gradebook and use them in my spreadsheet program?

Yes. The MyMathTest Gradebook lets you export the data in a comma-separated value (.csv) file format, and you can open the .csv file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

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