Support: MyMathTest Browser Check

The Browser Check makes it easy to install the components you need to work in MyMathTest. These components are common Internet tools like Flash® and QuickTime® that you probably already have. The Browser Check inspects your system and helps you install any components that are missing.

You can access the Browser Check from inside any MyMathTest program. A link to the Browser Check is always available on the Announcements page when you log in to MyMathTest. A Browser Check link also appears on the top of each MyMathTest page.

Setting Up Computer Labs

Lab administrators or IT staff must install the components needed for MyMathTest on all lab machines. See Admin Support for details.

Note that it's advisable to return to the Browser Check and reinstall plug-ins before the beginning of each semester.

If you need assistance, please contact Product Support.

Additional Resources

Helpful information on using MyMathTest can also be found in the following sections:

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Tours and Training

Online help is always available from the help icon on MyMathTest pages