Here's what instructors across the country have to say about MyMathTest.

Instructor Testimonials

"Every year, we have a number of students enrolling in a math or science class but have forgotten some mathematical topic. A quick review is all they need. However, the class needs to be offered anytime of the year so students can access it whenever the need arises. After looking at the different options that allow students to do a quick review, I chose MyMathTest. First it assesses student needs and then recommends what must be studied. Then, it gives ample practice until the student can master the concept. I am very pleased with what MyMathTest can do. I think students will benefit enormously."

Deanna Li, North Seattle Community College

"MyMathTest is the ideal solution to our placement dilemma.� Using MyMathTest our students benefit from the practice exercises with guided solutions with the ability to practice before and remediate after taking the placement test; and MyMathTest automatically generates multiple versions of our placement test with unlimited variations on test questions.� After evaluating other placement options we found� MyMathTest to be the product worth waiting for."

Teaching Professor, Four Year University

"MyMathTest will improve our placement accuracy tremendously. Unlike the online test that we are currently using, MyMathTest will allow us to screen students with prerequisite skills tests that match exactly the expectations of our courses. �Students whose skills have weakened will be able to use their personalized MyMathTest Study Plan to recover the skills they have forgotten. After retesting they will be able to select their first math class confident that they are prepared for success."

Senior Lecturer, Math Lab and Placement Coordinator, Four Year College

"MMT provides students with a great opportunity to spend some time reviewing the portions of their mathematical background that are not as strong as will be needed for the math course they will soon be taking...before they start the class! "

Math Instructor, Two Year College

Student Testimonials

" Regarding the MyMathTest we took yesterday:
I admittedly did poorly taking the first test. I�m putting this down to the fact that I last took a math class in 1990, so you could say that I was extremely rusty. I went through the study plan last night and re-took the test this morning, and achieved 100%. It was clear that I just needed to brush up on certain areas, and the study plan was the perfect tool to help me do that. (Going into the test I couldn�t even begin to work out what areas needed refreshing)."

" MyMathTest helps where I need improvement."

" It gives me review and also allows me to learn new things."

" It allows me to work at my own pace."

" MyMathTest is helping me discover what I�m really having difficulty with so I know what I need to practice."

"By allowing me to tailor my studies to my specific areas of weakness..."

" Refreshes my memory, gets me prepared for harder tasks."

" Helps me practice and remember math equations and it helps me get better at math."

" It�s more interesting, more interactive."

" Having a visual presentation of math makes it much easier to learn."

" The MyMathTest program allows me to work on math at my own pace."

" It is great! I can keep track of my progress, do math on any computer."

" It�s helping me by giving me more time to practice. Practice makes perfect."